Sunday, October 16, 2016

Swivl to the Rescue for School-Home Communication

Swivl to the Rescue for School-Home Communication

I've been working on increasing and improving my school-home communication this year and am determined to leverage technology to make the communication channels truly flow.  I'm blessed to be in a district that has strong family support and our annual Curriculum Night is generally well attended.  But, what about those parents who can't make this one night to see their child's teacher face to face or get an overview of the curriculum and class expectations?

Swivl to the rescue!

This year I recorded my Curriculum Night presentation using my Swivl Robot and the online software, Swivl Cloud, that embeds the video side by side with my Google Slides presentation.  This video is linked on my school website so that any parents who could not attend Curriculum Night could still get an overview and understand what my classroom expectations are.  I had only played around a little bit with the robot and the digital tool prior to Curriculum Night, and I found the whole process easy-peasy!

Uploading the video to the Swivl Cloud took just moments.  I then downloaded my slides (they had to be converted to big deal), and a few moments later (drop and drag), I ended up with a professional looking presentation and video that could be embedded or shared.

Thank you, Swivl, for creating the video tools to make this process quick, easy, and professional looking.  I'm looking forward to using Swivl Robot in conjunction with the Swivl Cloud video tools to record PD sessions I will be leading next week.  I'll share the video and presentation out to those who can't attend.  I'm dreaming up other uses for this tool; a perfected lecture, a student presentation, professional evaluation, students who were absent all could be serviced with the Swivl Robot and Swivl Cloud tools.

Swivl Robot in conjunction with Swivl Cloud...I'm a fan!

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